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For every application, K-Safe system offers a complete family of products for best solution for keys access and storage. From the simple key storage safes with mechanical locking systems or with combined mechanical and electrical locking to key safe systems with integrated access control system.


This special development enables authorised personnel to have controlled access to a secured object keys at any time of the day. It does not matter whether these persons have the related object key.





Only when using the secured storage of the object key you can control and monitor the use of it. You can direct any access to objects, for example, with the assignment of time zones only to those holding a K‑Safe safe key. The safe can also be connected to existing alarm devices or to the control centre of security companies, in order to enable the security personnel to have a quick and controlled access to objects when the alarm has been triggered.

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Textfeld: A K-Safe storage safe takes control of the object key and makes the „wild keys“ useless.










Application examples :










K-Safe products :

K-Safe Light

Key Safe with mechanical locking in a short variant for the installation in thin walls. This variant is used within simple installations where the stored object key can be taken out using the safe key. This variant cannot be equipped with the optional cylinder monitoring contact.


Dimensions: Ø 42 mm, Depth 135 mm

K-Safe light incl. stainless – steel plaster cover

Order number :114 01 01

K-Safe Basic 1

A Comfortable key safe with insertion tub and with an optional   cylinder monitoring contact.




Dimensions: Ø 42 mm, Depth 235 mm

K-Safe Basic 1 incl. stainless – steel plaster cover

Order number 114 01 02


K-Safe Basic 2

Key safe with object key monitoring. The status of the object key can be seen with the exact positioning. The alternative solution to the object key monitoring contact. The BASIC 2-Version can be equipped with a mechanical blocking device, which makes it impossible to lock the safe without inserted object key. Both versions can be delivered with the optional cylinder monitoring contact


Dimensions: Ø 42 mm, Depth 235 mm

K-Safe Basic 2 incl. stainless – steel plaster cover

Order number 114 01 03


For additional security, use the electrically blocked key safe. For further details it is referred to the functional description above. Will be delivered with cylinder monitoring contact. VdS-Approval for service storage safe No. G 198064






Dimensions: Ø 42 mm, Depth 235 mm

K-Safe PLUS 12Volt: Order number 114 0104

K-Safe PLUS 24Volt: Order number 114 0105

K-Safe electronic

The demanding solution with self-sufficient electronics. The functional details are basically equal to the PLUS-variant. In addition, the identity of the safe-and object key can be read via transponder interface without physical contact and free of doubt. An up-to-date technique and practical software ensure a high user comfort as well as a secure handling. Standardised RS232 interfaces enable current assignment and withdrawal of access authorisations via telecommunication devices. Can be delivered with cylinder monitoring contact.


Dimensions and Weights:          

Storage safe Ø 42 mm, Depth 240 mm, Electronic--Unit (WHD) 110x200x50 mm, Weight about 450 g Power Pack (WHD) 110x200x50 mm, Weight about 700 g

K-Safe electronic 12Volt: Order number 114 01 08

K-Safe electronic 24Volt: Order number 114 01 09


The K-Safe PLUS variant can be delivered as Push variant. In this case, you can access the object key in pushing the front cover, which electrically releases the e-opener. An analogous or digital remote device can affect the release. A self-release of the storage safe is impossible.


The intelligent connection of the K-Safe PUSH with a compact code lock puts safety on a more flexible handling. Can be installed both indoor and outdoor. Other release elements with proximity card-reader etc. are possible.


Dimensions: Ø 42 mm, Depth 225 mm

Code keyboard Dimensions (WHD): 80 x 140 x 40 mm

K-Safe PUSH 12Volt: Order number 114 01 06

K-Safe PUSH 24Volt: Order number 114 01 07

K-Safe Column

If the K-Safes cannot be installed in the walling, the universal column will be used. In addition, you can make use of the element. The universal column is made of stainless steel and will be delivered with a holding basket. After its installation it will be filed with the related cement.


The universal column offers an excellent weather resistance, top-quality, dull polished surface, high mechanical resistance against damage, integration of useful accessories and a completely effective design, even in demanding environments. In addition, a clever, up to seven-piece installation system enables an easy and cost-effective installation at the required location.

Order number 114 01 19