The PhoneGuard transforms a normal mobile phone into:

·         An intelligent-alarm-equipment against theft and breaking-in.

·         A mobile surveillance unit.

·         A powerful position-monitoring unit.

·         A remote control unit .

All these application properties are noble to any mobile phone user.





The PhoneGuard is a plug-in adapter for common GSM mobile phones. It has its own software and non-volatile memory and works independently from the mobile phone. The PhoneGuard uses just the mobile phone as transceiver. It can send and receive SMS messages, trigger telephone calls, and simulate dial codes and obtain information from the radio cells needed for its specific features.


The PhoneGuard can observe different events: vibrations, moving objects, locations, and any digital sensor output and inform the user with self defined alarm messages.

The PhoneGuard is very easy to use, does not require special knowledge to operate, and has reasonable price. For this reasons, the PhoneGuard is designed for any mobile user.





·         Up to three SMS telephone and landline numbers can be stored.

·         Automatic call acceptance / Listen function.

·         “Keep alive” message.

·         Protection zone monitoring up to 128 cell identities.

·         Integrated vibration sensor.

·         Integrated PIR motion sensor.

·         Integrated power switch to switch on or off electrical devices.

·         Alarm upon closing/opening contact, bare cable end customised input.

·         Energy saving mode, Mobile battery re-charge alarm via SMS.

·         Intelligent mobile phone battery charging (just models with power supply).

·         Alarm when external battery is disconnected /unplugging, Power failure alarm.



Protection zone function:

The protection zone comprises of the radio covered areas of the locations which can be defined as "protection zone" in whose close proximity the radio cells of your mobile phone are situated. If the mobile phone plus PhoneGuard leaves this zone, because, for example, the child gets into the car of a stranger or the elderly person gets lost during a walk, the parents or the attending personnel will be alerted via SMS or a phone call.


Vibration Sensor:

The PhoneGuard protects your vehicles or any kind of mobile goods against theft. Whether earth-moving equipment, lorry, private car or motorbike the vibration sensor integrated in the PhoneGuard registers the movement of the object and immediately informs you via SMS or a phone call. If the object in question has been stolen, it can be accurately located via the Cell Information sent by the PhoneGuard within 100m in towns without needing a GPS!


Power Supply:

The mobile phone battery will supply the PhoneGuard. Due to the little energy consumption, the stand-by time will reach several days. For long-term applications models with wide range DC and AC adaptors are available. The PhoneGuard has a "keep alive" function, which inform the user about actually status and battery capacity.


Listen function:

Listen to what is happening. In emergencies, the "listen" function will offer the possibility of listening to the noises surrounding the PhoneGuard. If this feature has been activated by SMS, the ring tone of the mobile phone is switched off and the PhoneGuard automatically accepts an incoming call as soon as you call the mobile phone.