plug-in adapter for common GSM mobile phones

- Accurate to local a person or object.

- Mobile Phones become alarm system.

- Theft and burglary protection.

- Replaces expensive alarm systems.


You can have all control from your mobile phone with absolute reliability

- House, Caravans, Yachts - GSM-Alarm system.

- Machines remote control applications.

- Building Controlling (Home Automation).



Navigation, Location and Remote Control

- Money transport.

- Emergency Applications (e.g. Hospital and Fireworks).

- Logistics in company ground, harbour and airport.

- Private vehicle monitoring.

- Fleet Management.


Access Control Systems

- Intelligent Key Storage with K-Safe Made in Germany.

- Sovereign Control - maximum security.


Controlling and monitoring the Clime-Systems by using the GSM-Network and Internet.

- Control Clime system through mobile phone by sending SMS.

- Air conditioners heaters, ventilators, and refrigerators.

-OEM product.