Description :


S-Clime-series are control modules designed to control cooling and heating systems, such as air conditioners, heaters, ventilators, refrigerators …. etc. S-Clime-series are GSM-based devices; communicate wirelessly using GSM network and wired using Internet. They are an SMS transmitter / receiver and provided with Ethernet interface (depends on the type).

S-Clime-series modules give user the possibility any time and from any place to control his clime-systems, by applying the latest modern tele-control technology, the GSM and the Internet. They let user controls and monitors his applications remotely using just GSM phone or computer connected to the Internet sophisticated S-ClimeUserInterfaces.

S-Clime-series modules are OEM products, they are designed to be small as possible to fit smoothly and easy in any clime-system, to make it a real-time on-line system.


Which advantages will get the customer (End-User)?

Ø       Saving money by saving the energy (electricity): customer doesn’t need any more to let the clime-system to work for long time if he is not in house, office, shopping moll, factory, to find the place cooled when he comes back. To save the energy all what customer has to do just sending SMS (switch on SMS command) from his mobile phone to his Air conditioner, for example, half hour before his arriving the home.


Ø       Comfortable usage of the Air-conditioner: customer doesn’t need any more to go back to the office or house to check if the clime-system is closed or still working. All what he has to do just sending SMS to switch the system off or on. And he will receive back from his Air conditioner an Acknowledge-SMS to conform the switching off or on event.


Ø       The multi-language support: our module, as well as the manual, supports the English, German and Arabic languages. Therefore, customer will get the possibility to select his favourite language to communicate with his clime-system. 


Which advantages will get the customer (Dealer / Service Center)?

Ø       Additional, with our S-ClimeManagerSoftware (multi-language support) could dealers or service center introduce the online service to their customers. This will give them a competitive edge by allowing them to offer commercial and consumer faster response times as well as the ability to monitor the performance to prevent any potential problems, or to inform the customer that he has to do some regular services to his running clime-system, such as filter changing.


S-Clime Products :



Control module with GSM modem and digital / analog inputs and outputs.



Control module with GSM modem, Ethernet interface to access intranet or the Internet and digital / analog inputs and outputs.



Special program to control and monitor the required clime-system.



Special program to manage and store the received SMS’s from several air conditioners.