Description :


g-smart is a type of wireless-alarm / - control system, but it is not an ordinary radio frequency system, it is a GSM-based system. g-smart is a SMS transmitter / receiver, it is a simple yet powerful communications module for a GSM network. It uses a dual-band Siemens TC35 GSM module to receive secure commands and messages. It has 4 alarm inputs and 2 relays for connection / disconnection applications. Operation is simple – all commands are sent as normal SMS messages to the g-smart. According to its configuration the g-smart answers with clear automatically generated messages as SMS, FAX, EMAIL or Voice for alarms or Settings. All configuration settings are stored in the g-smart and are not lost in case of a power loss. The 4 alarm inputs can be connected directly to any sensor application, such as a motion detector, gas sensor, thermostat, code locks etc. The g-smart is also easily integrated into any existing house alarm.



By using the expansion board, the g-smart will be able to switch 6 extra relays for further application. The expansion board is connected to the basis module through the ribbon cable. The plugs couldn’t be connected in wrong way, they fit only in one way into the socket. The relays could be connected to any remote electrical device. That means the user, by using short messages SMS, can drive electrical devices remotely, and receives an SMS as answer confirming fulfillment of its orders





The g-smart could be ordered as OEM product. Where it will be delivered without housing (case), to be ready to use it under your name / label or to fit easily into your product.








g-smart application areas:

Alarm System for automobiles, trucks, construction machinery and containers. Also for caravans, mobile homes or temporary abode such as a holiday homes.

Device Monitoring for vending machines (malfunction warnings, no stock), for refrigeration systems (temperature control), for pumps (power failure) or any other kind of device or machine imaginable.

Remote Control for example watering, heating or lighting in a glass house. For video surveillance, sirens or any household appliance (washing machines, lighting, heating, etc).














g-smart Technical Data

Power Supply

12V to 15V, DC  8W

Current Use

ca. 20mA in Stand by Operation

ca. 300mA with 8 Active Relays


4 Inputs Connectable to Potential free Contacts


8 Outputs with Relays, 2 on the  Base module, 6 on the  Extension Module, Switching Power per Relay; 5A at 230V, 50Hz

GSM Module

TC35 Siemens, Dual-band 900 / 1800MHz


Dual-band 900 / 1800MHz, 3m cable, Magnetic feet

SIM Card

Mini Card, 1,8V and 3V

Dimensions of Module, LxBxH

Base module: 82,5mm x 94mm x 28mm

Extension module: 82,5mm x 94mm x 24mm

Dimensions of Housing, LxBxH

120mm x 155mm x 53mm (without Antennae connector)


Base module: 120g without housing, 310g with housing

Extension module: 145g without casing, 335g with casing


Operation: -20°C to 50°C, Storage: -40°C to 85°C


Operation and Storage: 10%rF – 90%rF,. Not Condensed.


g-smart Ordering Information

g-smart Basic Module with Housing, Antennae with Magnetic feet and installation components.

Art. Nr. 115 001

Picture Coming soon

g-smart Built-in Power Supply 85V-240V, 50Hz - 60Hz, 8W.

Art. Nr. 115 101

g-smart Basic Module without Housing, Antennae with Magnetic feet and installation components.

Art. Nr. 115 002

Picture Coming soon

g-smart DC Module 12V for installation in standard housing.

Art. Nr. 115 102

g-smart Extension Module with 6 extra relays, without Housing.

Art. Nr. 115 003

Picture Coming soon

g-smart Back-up Battery pack in case of power loss.

Art. Nr. 115 103

g-smart Power Supply, 85V-240V, 50Hz - 60Hz, 8W.

Art. Nr. 115 100

Picture Coming soon

g-smart Solar Panel with Regulator and Battery built into the Housing for long operation periods.

Art. Nr. 115 104